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trr teamspeak3 server

Welcome to Team Ram Rod. We play BF3, BAD COMPANY 2, COD MW + Black Ops, SWTOR, and some other stuff. But mostly BF3. Enjoy your stay. Don't be a jerk.
"Seriously, who wants to play in a server that there's only straight people*, no cursing and no teabagging?" - [TRR] Hoflich  (*no homo)

Some sweet links for getting in the pants of TRR guys are below.

]  Our Battlelog platoon: here
]  Our Conquest server Battlelog: here
]  Conquest/Rush server Battlelog: here

Favorite our servers! Interested in joining TRR? Get on teamspeak, squad with members, and check out this forum post. We are currently recruiting on a limited basis.

Charlie don't surf.

We use Teamspeak 3. You will need the login info below, and the TS client if it's not already installed. Stop by and say hello! All are welcome, always.

]  Login info can be found here.
]  Client can be downloaded here.

PS: Use push-to-talk, assholes.